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Develop Your People for Better Performance, Capacity, & Results


Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (360)

• Discover what your team really believes about you or your executives/managers

• This proven, easy-to-administer tool provides a clear, granular assessment of your leadership development opportunities by measuring the perception of you in 22 distinct leadership behaviors

• Develop a specific, customized Improvement Plan with a certified, experienced executive coach

• This tool can be incorporated with a one-on-one executive coaching process


Coach the Coach Program

• Improve your team’s ability to coach their people, to effect significant, sustainable behavioral improvements that impact current and future performance, capacity, and results

• Learn to apply proven coaching strategies, processes, and techniques in an interactive, workshop environment

• Team-based program leverages experiences, improves team performance, and enables the practice that builds skills

• Can be a great program for your HR team, to better serve additional internal coaching opportunities


Mini Workshops

• Professional development for your Trade Association, CEO Round-table, or team, ranging from one-hour to full-day, customized to your needs, delivered at your venue, or off-site

• Interactive, enlightening workshops designed to enable discovery and learning in an entertaining workshop format

• Delivered by an experienced executive coach, with CEO experience, and a warm, interactive style


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Tim Shepelak is a sixteen-year veteran executive coach. He leverages his CEO experience and proprietary intellectual property to provide his clients with a superior ROI and risk reduction.


I can’t believe the progress I have made as a CEO, which has contributed to a dramatic improvement in our profits and cash flow. We are definitely past the plateau we were on two years ago when we started working with you, and our company is now more valuable. Personally, I have freed up time to spend with my family, to everyone’s benefit. Tim Niehaus, Owner, The Miami Corporation

Cincinnati, OH


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