Strategic Manager Program

Get Your Executive/Management Team Performing Optimally.

Suboptimal executive/management performance robs your organization of realizing its potential and negatively impacts the whole organization.

Leadership and management effectiveness depends on behaviorally, being more:

• Strategic and
• Interpersonally effective (leading, managing, coaching, influencing, motivating)

The key variables that impact individual, and team, effectiveness stem from individual and collective mindsets and behavior patterns.

Effective coaching catalyzes the sustainable mindset and behavioral improvements that build the effectiveness and capacity of each executive/manager to their next level of performance and results.  Typically, leadership/management training has little lasting impact on behavior patterns.

The Growth Coach’s Strategic Manager Program is proven, impactful at a behavioral level, and utilizes a Continuous Improvement process.


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Key Elements

Continuous Improvement Process

Team Format

Customized to Individual Needs

Proven, Reusable Tools and Models



Fills in Conceptual Gaps

Integrates business and life

Once per Quarter Format



Expands executive/managerial, &  organizational capacity for current & future results

Improves team performance and culture

Builds from where each person is to where they  need to go

Repeatable, more effective performance/results; Tools usable throughout the organization

Ensures consistently effective performance

Builds confidence and ensures complete understanding of how to apply best practices

Optimizes both & reduces risk of life issues hurting business & vice versa

Minimizes time away from the business; sufficient time for progress between sessions


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Tim Shepelak is a sixteen-year veteran executive coach. He leverages his CEO experience and proprietary intellectual property to provide his clients with a superior ROI and risk reduction.


I can’t believe the progress I have made as a CEO, which has contributed to a dramatic improvement in our profits and cash flow. We are definitely past the plateau we were on two years ago when we started working with you, and our company is now more valuable. Personally, I have freed up time to spend with my family, to everyone’s benefit. Tim Niehaus, Owner, The Miami Corporation

Cincinnati, OH


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