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Testimonials on Tim Shepelak and The Growth Coach of Cincinnati

Watch these videos to understand the impact of The Growth Coach’s Continuous Improvement Program.

Managing Partner Builds Executive &
Organizational Capacity

Rising Executive Leverages Program to
Grow Company & Career

North American CEO Achieves Balance &
Record Profit

Hospitality Business Owner Welcomes
Reduced Hours & Business Growth

Team Coaching Bridges Cultural Gap

VP of Operations & HR Sees Impact of
Executive & Organizational Growth

Business Owner Becomes More
Strategic & Impactful

Continuous Improvement Program Retools &
Refreshes Veteran Executive

President Develops Strategic Mindset to
Scale Business & Enrich Life

Company Owner Frees Himself from
Business & Reinvests in Life

Business Owner Utilizes Leverage to
Grow Company and Life Value

4th Generation Business Owners
Reduce Debt thru Growth

Non-Profit CEO’s Organization & Life
Profit from Coaching

Continuous Improvement Program for Team
Improves Results & Culture

Continuous Improvement Program
Prepares New CEO

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Tim Shepelak is a sixteen-year veteran executive coach. He leverages his CEO experience and proprietary intellectual property to provide his clients with a superior ROI and risk reduction.


I can’t believe the progress I have made as a CEO, which has contributed to a dramatic improvement in our profits and cash flow. We are definitely past the plateau we were on two years ago when we started working with you, and our company is now more valuable. Personally, I have freed up time to spend with my family, to everyone’s benefit. Tim Niehaus, Owner, The Miami Corporation

Cincinnati, OH


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